Black Cobra Airsoft was created by a few friends with a dream to have a successful airsoft team, they didn't expect to create one of the most dominant teams in central/southern Florida. The Black Cobras consist of six guys who have played together for five years. These guys have spent countless hours learning signals and gestures with one another to figure out what scenario the team has been put in. The Black Cobras Co-founders Jason Kolacsky, Brendan Hampton, and Derek Kemp, have been making sure the team has what it needs as well as getting the team to practice so that they are precise and can execute with pin-point accuracy. The Black Cobras use a variety of weapons to get the job done. From snipers to machine guns with a few handguns thrown in, the Black Cobras make sure they always have the proper equipment for whatever the challenge. We are a group of guys who on one side are military trained, and on the other, have strong intellectual power, used to plot ways of taking down the competition. In the world of Airsoft, the Black Cobras are becoming a force to be reckoned with, and they may also be one of the fastest-rising teams in the sport.